Greg and Michael discuss the thrill, the uncertainty, and all the other emotions that come with putting yourself out there and never really knowing where or when the ripples you send out into the world will overlap again.

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The Grand Slam with Rissa Jackson

Rissa Jackson joins Greg and Michael to discuss her journey from English teacher to engineer, on her way to completing the Laracon Grand Slam tour in her first year as...

Trying really hard with Aaron Francis

In this episode, we are joined by our spiritual leader Aaron Francis, to discuss a tumultuous few months, how he got here, and what he has in store for the future.

Content marketing as a sales funnel

Greg and Michael discuss a busy February, lean March, and some thoughts around using content to provide value, while also testing and shaping new material.Show links- ...

Prompting for input with Joe Tannenbaum

Greg and Michael are joined by Joe Tannenbaum, the creator of some outrageously cool Laravel Prompts-inspired mania.Joe talks about his Ripples journey, from a simple ...

Securing a niche with Stephen Rees-Carter

Greg and Michael are joined by Stephen Rees-Carter and discuss his journey from working on security plugins for WordPress to an everyday name in the Laravel community....

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