Greg and Michael discuss the thrill, the uncertainty, and all the other emotions that come with putting yourself out there and never really knowing where or when the ripples you send out into the world will overlap again.

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Didn't think that'd work with Sam Levy

In this episode, Michael and Greg are joined by Sam Levy, who shares his ripples journey from agency life to, running a consultancy, and being the poster person for do...

It started as a hobby with Mary Perry

In this episode, Michael and Greg are joined by Mary Perry, who shares her ripples journey from studying economics, to learning Python, then picking up Laravel and hea...

Where it all began with Jess Archer

In this episode, Michael is joined by Jess Archer - a member of Laravel's core team - to discuss her ripples journey from attending her first-ever conference back in 2...

Laracon AU is go

Greg and Michael discuss the Laracon AU venue announcement and tickets going on sale, Greg's coaching pricing experimentation, and more considered approaches to using ...

We don't need roads with Marty Friedel

Greg and Michael are joined by Marty Friedel to discuss speaking at conferences and overcoming shyness.

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